i am all yours, oh my dear .. part iii

Oh my dear man, i am all naked in this sensual space of ours, for you to relish my womanhood and embellish our times of fervid passion inside this trysting continuum of ours.

I am lying in here lasciviously nude, for you oh my dear,

for you to sensually get into me while you gently push my intimate part toward your manhood brushing my erotic butts. Sliding your hands, that is electrifying the touch on my naked impeccable body, through my pale soft skin of golden lustre back slide as you try to seduce me, like the lords of erotica angels fill in the seductor potion of salacious springs upon the desperate muggles or the materialistic mud bloods in their delusional continuum of mind’s inner core to ablaze them with the firing desires of passionate togetherness from the twine flame, to redirect them with libido of intricate sex manoeuvres longing for passionate intimacy’s apogee. I am all yours for your naked male body to brush against my female voluptuous womanhood’s loving bosoms, which would raise up the ardent passion of lewd and love, turning us wilder in  the lewdland of the aphrodites, to drink the lustful wines of arousing substances intoxicating us to the sense of lewdland’s intimate aria.


Oh my dear, i am in here, for you to hold me in your arms,

with us brushing against each other, with our sensual eyes connecting our inner souls while tying it together with the eternal love knot of intimate bonding and blazing desires of sexual indulgence, while you subtly whisper in my ears the cantos from deeply felt songs of unparalleled love, longing and yearn over my beauty and sex, while you romantically croon in your libretto from the erotica love songs of awe, encomiums and engrossed eulogy exalting my beauty and infallible womanhood. Together we muse the poetry of your love, erotica and embracing eulogy, revelling in its engrossing emotions that raises the firing desires of overwhelming romance ablaze and pleasures behind literary allusions and awe, intaking its drinks of inebriating sexual potion steaming our passions and mood higher.

Oh my man i am all yours, for you to embrace me,

for you to slow kiss my ear lobes, for you to sensually kiss my rosy cheeks as if your upper and lower lip tries to sexily moonwalk toward my lips down from the lobes exhuming the incandescent aura of lustful times that prevails in the lewdland of aphrodites while they intercourse, which seems to have stemmed up from the fragrance of the lewdland’s laevender which has a significant variation on juxtaposing with its muggle counterpart owing to its inherent sex gloss.  


You deeply kiss my intoxicating lips

that oozes out the aging wines

while dipping down dews of honey,

with the passions of the frenchmen intimacy,


so milder and so wilder,

so deeper and so engrossed,

as you bite it mildly

you try to suck it wildly,

as you chew it sensually

you drink its wine lustfully,

as you suck it again to

taste its libidinous honey,

just when it exults us to the

lewdland’s ecstatic sex whirls;


as our tongues play

with each other

you try to suck mine,

when we intertwine

 as our linging buds

interchanges saliva,

and our clinging kiss

seems to

cease never;


while i close my eyes

feeling the acme of passion

that is taking us high

to the notch of stoned times

from the aging juices of

the frenchmen vineyard,

to the lewdland’s

kissing hay of

wilder exuberance;


i am all yours naked and ripe, oh my man,

for you to kiss my neck, lick my nape, as you write songs of lust and lyrics of love around it for hours and hours together over the region and below as you lick, kiss and brush your inner lip moistening the skin around over and over while our times of sensual indulgence gets the right trigger. You get down seated on our sex bed  kissing my navel licking its hole gently, as I cafuné your hairs with milder moans of scintillating pleasures arousing each other while you feel the exquisite aria of sensual fondness from your beloved’s slow moaning with her eyes closed, as in the tunes of mozart’s and vivaldi’s orchestration to the romantic ballads. Just as you kiss my navel you caress my breasts intimately with a hand while holding me with another, you slowly manoeuvre to my hip in my flaming body, you kiss, you lick, you suck and linger around, over and over around my abdomen and navel before getting over to my bosoms, while i groan and moan mildly continuing my tunes of wilder pleasures and endearing romantic bliss.

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