the gloomy dusk’s café brew ..




While in those gloomy days of the early monsoon, may be with a book of ayn rand or any other on metaphysics and a mug of freshly brewed steamingly hot coffee, you tend to keep yourself warm inside your personal hub in your sweet home. Perhaps like the brimming coffee in her hand, she must be brewing her wilder dreams of passion, love and all that jazz. Seems like the evening petrichor is filling her ambience with a air of nostalgia, taking her down the lane when she was enjoying that panorama of beautiful scenic rainbow while in her grade 4, after that sizzling drizzle of quieter evening when she danced in the rain alongside her mom playing with her as she felt the raising odour of the wet sands and the raindrops kissing her rosy cheeks drenching her all wet while looking up at the sky’s marvelous rainbow, inspiring her colors and hues over the sizzling childhood of a chromatic art sheet’s thriving mirthe picturing you the prolixity behind the period’s growth and accretion of individual’s instigating inner elements upon both physical and mental factors, consequently the divulging ideas, accumulated learning and the acquired sense, premising the individual’s curiosity, interests and knacks.

Seems like she is looking to gather her illuminated radiance upon her ardent passion, as when she tries to ray out her ways in pursuing her agenda ahead, hitting the road ahead, while cruising the fervent road along, that you wish to ride on, you yearn to take amidst the congruence of your culminated ideas, environmental fostering and focused taming, with that precise acumen and acquired potential of eloquent knack and glowing flair. Rejuvenating herself with the time’s gloomy tone and jollity tint, she must have been musing about her agenda, road, life and all that jazz, while basking in the feeling of the stance’s limelight. 
Also she must be all
into her lovey-dovey 
mood i presume, 
trying to picture 
the glossy times 
with her beau 
of a handsome
hunk’s demeanour, 

may be craving 
for their candle-lit 
datenight dinner’s 
dessert scoop, 
should be trying to 
dream about their 
first date pub’s smooch 
and cuddle moods of 
inchoate romance, 

must be musing over 
their hookah bar times 
of lolling lounge and 
laughter, fellas bullying 
and bragging, 
feeling the scenario’s 
hazy fizz, while the 
undulating concentric 
coned smoke circles 
tells us the party 
wayward photo frame’s 
affable capture of 
mirth and gay, 

just like this picture’s 
ray kissed hairs of
lovely tango curls, 
groovy waves and 
love jazz,
just as this gloomy dusk 
and the cafe brew
revels her insides 
with brimming feels
of passion & life, 
kissing her chill 
evening moments with 
slice of joy and 
cup of love! 


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