rise up and soar!

Life might throw you down at times, you might get low and down,

with days getting tougher and obstinate,

 with times turning pathetic and hapless.

 Without a clue nor a hint you might wither around

hopelessly lacking the sense of congruence inside

beneath the times that are getting darker, devoid of light

and sinking you in black hues of wretchedness and pity,

making you sulk all alone in a deserted dread,

 diverging you from your mundane and throwing you away in wrecked weary

 and to the clutches of the wicked and crooked.

People might betray you and you may see your pals

 turning hypocrites in different hues which would make you feel

the nadir of pain and you might bleed

 amidst the claws of the evil slither and creeping in sinful serpent

whose clutches are so dark, fierce and flinching.

 You might fail miserably in your times

 but alas, never back down, regather and regroup yourself  

into your unique unprecedented convergence

alongside your innate potential and strength,

which is inherent and hidden,

 the strength of thousand tuskers that has to be unleashed,

which is in synonymous and sync with the brawn of your mind,

 in the right control and congruence.

It’s a long road ahead this life of ours,

 you have to march ahead and cruise along fearlessly,

you have to pull up your socks and run hard in this race

unstoppable as if you are running to athens like the Pheidippides,

fight hard in this battle, to beat the heat,

 as if you are fighting in the ring like mohammed ali

with the attitude that’s worth millions – never give up.

Never ever give up in this cruise under sky,

never dare to give up no matter how worse the scenario be,

 like the foresaid plights, but never give up.

Stand tall like the hills, that doesn’t allow any gates for iniquities

 and with the  stern priceless virtues of endurance, perseverance and valor,

 pushing away your hurdles and hassles that comes your way laterally,

while reaching your goal rather the uno objective,

in fighting hard in this phase of the phantom against all odds.

You have to endure testing times and tough days with patience and focus,

 alongside the right convergence of perseverance and keen acumen,

while honing yourself adroit in extending your inherent elements

of divulging your knack and traits so as to keep yourself focused

 in this peregrination of attaining your uno goal.

You have to arise and awake

and stop not in your focus and concentration,

in heaving away your blockades and tough times,

while enduring hardships and onus,

And in reaching your uno goal.

Rise up like the phoenix against the wind and fire,

So eloquent a flight that takes you higher,

Rise up and roar against the tide and odds,

like a majestic lion so hard and stern

that pulls you out of the mire.

Just rise up and soar, rise up and soar!

the war cry ..

Days are passing by quickly, time is running on so swiftly,

you don’t really have time to care

 for a little boy picking up litter in the roadside,

 or a poor loafer begging around running for food,

or a locale drowning in floods.

 We see things and still, apart from a few we remain muted

without having any time to spare to care.

We just walk along down this road without any concern

for the under privileged block of people like the aforesaid plights.

Sounds of gun shots and deafening ammos,

people die in the border protecting us day and night.

We just walk along down this road without any heed

to those war scene ammunition sans any care.

Scenes of crime and ruthless murders,

 scenarios of corruption and unscrupulous people

entering into deceit and delinquencies,

 we still walk along down the road

 without a moment to think about these societal fiascos.

Its high time we sit down and care for a moment.

Its high time we think about these existing debacles and societal evils.

 It is indeed the time for the war cry so loud and so stern,

to call upon the youth,

to kindle them with the Spirit of unity and light,

the light which is the torch of blazing flames,

 that burns so bright, that burns

 with the gleams of patriotism,

 that burns with the fire of passion and ardent fervor,

that burns with the undying spirit of fervent redemption

 to bring about the quintessential change which is the need of the hour.

 It is indeed the time for the war cry so loud and so stern,

to call upon the youth, the torch bearers

 of this incessant fire, that converges them

with the ever glowing light of spirit and passion

 in order to bring about the all important change

that the world needs now,

 the change to see people with the right perspective

that would make them think,

think about the society to inculcate the much needed changeover

 in their mindset to divulge communal harmony and welfare

and that would make them think about every little thing

 right from caring about  say a stray dog

 to creating awareness about eliminating social ill effects.

Oh ye youth, here goes the war cry

 so loud and so stern for you people,

to jóin us in this battalion of change makers,

to hold the torch of this incessant fire that blazes

with the spirit of ardent passion,

kindling their minds with the motto

 to arise and awake and stop not in this war

against the evils of the society and depravity,

 to eradicate and annihilate  such iniquities and vileness.

Oh ye youth, let us arise let us awake

 and let us not stop in this war against societal evils,

let us not stop in this battle

unless we bring forth the right change that it needs now.

Oh ye youth, here goes the war cry

so loud and so stern for you people,

 to jóin us in this battalion of change makers,

to hold the torch of this incessant fire

 that blazes with the spirit of ardent passion

 and that burns with the light of fervent redemption.

the serpent’s creep – part i ..

Evil’s ways are crude and crooked,

it is sinister, its clutches are nt gona be easy

to free yourself away from its tentacles,

its dark and dreadful, it doesnt allow you

to float rather hover within your own territory,

it actually throws you out somewhere else,

so absurd, filthy and uncouth,

makinng you feel the black pangs and the serpent’s creep.

Hallows of black darkness, as they call it,

the pitch black darkness of hallows and pathos,

devoid of light and deprived of its radiant spread.

Its out there in the vast open under sky,

the elixir to drive out this madness.

It is not going to be too far,

its not going to take too long,

it is around trying to reach us

arriving toward us,

as the white incessant light

that is totally meant for us that would ignite

the flames of redemption inside this serpent’s creep

the serpent’s creep – part ii ..

Seems a girl deeply wounded by something,

missing out on her usual charm with a vague wretched darkness inside,

devoid of her serene light unlike her usual mind.

Her mind seems to lack its serenity inside

sans her man who is far off in some distant terrain war arena

lost in the wilderness sans his woman,

feeling the raw pain and acerbity inside.

Perhaps she is totally dull and down without her soul’s antidote,

that is wrecked in wander losing out on its solace

like a color sans its pigment, sans its very life,

like a song sans its lyrics, sans its very music.


May be she should be in her nadir low looking out for a vent

amidst her inner darkness and a sinking scene

around losing out on her man’s embrace

sulking all alone inside that seemingly life less space of phantom aches,

that stabs her insides like thorns

diverging her away from her love

and spins her around into a deep vertigo,

that embarks her on a clue less labyrinth

converging her into some  obscure vagaries

and leads her into a dubious destination

like a befuddled butterfly fluttering her wings

without any iota of an idea where it is heading toward.

She is feeling the pangs of separation in the desolated wee hours

of the midnight without her mate’s touch and warmth ,

she is deeply in aches since the advent of the devil

into her space making her feel the

manouvering serpent’s sinister creep.

She is all alone in her space in the midst of some crude times,

times wherein you want to badly need to be around your man,

wherein you want to feel your man’s presence

alongside but the creeping in serpent’s sting

seems to veil her insides from even his delusional mirage

that actually appears and disappears,

while she wants to divulge her crooked veil

to view her illusory image to the least.

Like a fluttering butterfly, she is flapping her feathers of pangs

in yearn and deception. Deception overtakes her yearn,

leaving her beneath vain and futility.

She wants to escape the creepy serpent and the sinister’s claws,

that actually seems to clearly take over these crooked times.

At times fate would turn so cruel,

wherein you are left without a choice than allowing such divergence inside

which is stashing away your love, so crude and crooked,

you are left without another choice.

Days are harsh, and times are crude

and you never know how and when the serpent creeps inside,

but it enters your ways diverging you

from your inherent coherence of light and love,

throwing you away in wretched darkness.

Throwing you away in wretched darkness

devoid of light and love.

life, love and light ..

I am hovering around such a huge mass of celestial sphere that encompasses several celestial bodies glowing with a gleam of intense sheen and various miniature stars of incredible patina. I could see the cynosure burning so bright in the centre of the sphere that is covered by the translucent outer layer with a thin lumen sheath of high gloss. The sphere also encircles many celestial particles rather dots that is shining so bright. The brightly gleaming cynosure glows with a sacred fire from within as the flames that are trying to embark on a new journey into a whole new world of life, love and light.

” come to me ” says the cynosure in a mild yet in a unique clearer voice. ” for i am your life the fiŕe within, that glows for eternity and i will dwell under the sky along with you foŕever and ever “, the voice continues.

” come to me, for i am within you and you are within me and we are meant to be the twine flames of eternity. I am your love, oh you man. So come to me for i am your ageis and you are my adonis. And all the more you are my light. So come to me for we can live together forever and ever under the ever glowing light of love “.

Truth never lies ..

Truth about the truth is you cannot really reckon it’s always gonna be the opposite of lie. Lies are always gonna be around to make the opposite of lie go afar from what it actually is. Why on this world the opposite of truth is around when you really wanna know only the truth. Is it because truth cannot lie. We do need lies in this traverse under sky, to bend things without distractions, to take it through the desired walk, says a segment that needs it.

Lie says i am the truth, I would never lie and there is in fact nothing called a lie.

Truth says Its never certain I would always be what I am, because there is something called lie.

So What’s the difference between the two .. And how to ascertain such differences .. that thin line between the two ..

the sacred fire ..

I am hovering amidst the burning light of the sacred fire .. so golden and so yellow the flames shall glow .. so divine and omnipresent its fire shall burn .. sinister shall never be able to sneak inside  .. serpents could be befuddled in search of its path while they shall just read a labyrinth of maze .. unlike the loop of circles it aint no spirila mirabilis, the maze is actually made of square contours and crypted doors, gaurding this immortal holy light of the sacred fire .. evil and devil they say could neither track its ways and its crypt nor even see the burning light of the sacred fire .. away shall they run learning only its prevalence is not meant for them ..

‘ How long will you be searching for me,

oh you love ..’ ,

a voice says out of the core of the sacred light, milder yet clear ..

‘ Let me tell you,

i am within you and

you are within me ..

i am within you and

you are within me ..

How long will you be searching for me,

oh you love ..’ ,

the seamless infinity ..

What if there exists a reality parallel to the prevailing existential continuum ..

Could you believe such a context, a notion that you would hardly rely on ..

the truth could be far from this notion’s ideology or might even utterly be a contextualy real idea that would make this matter of fact fall not close to lie at all ..

Though certain different minds may argue that the idea would lie neither close to lie nor too far from it, while trying to figure the elements to take in such a notion as really a fact and to prove its prevalence ..

Cosmonauts have assumed there really exists more than one galaxy and the galactic space seems to strech seamlessly like infinity ..

Some merely percieve it as a baseless mind space thing, and what if this mind space perception might prevail inside the heads of people existing parallely about our very realism .. quite intriguing aint it ..

So what if there exists a parallel realism so real and so true to our existential continuum ..

you never know, not with a solid idea on whether or not the parallel galaxy exists, yet such notions prevail among scientists and others dealing with space, cosmos and beyond ..

moon in a dew drop ..

Stnding in front of his antique mirror, he wonders in awe ..  he could see the brimming effulgence  in burning light of golden glow all around his reflection’s imagery .. oh dear, the mirror falters not .. oh dear, the mirror lies never .. it reflects neither parallel realism nor anything afar from the existential bounds ..

Such thriving glades and glaze one could rarely contemplate with .. such prolific circumferential halo burning with dense light of ethereal serenity .. like the calmness of still waters in the wee hour the continuum holds such lull and calm air of an instigated midnight muse .. kinda muse that would picture a beautiful moon in a leaf’s dew drop though for such great celestial body it is .. even for such a miniature the dew drop is ..

Stnding in front of his antique mirror, he wonders in awe .. alongside a brimming effulgence of the halohead’s irradiaance and burning denser light of a midnight flawless muse’s ethereal serenity ..

the speaking tree ..

Lately i ve been on a search,

seeking a vision of my dream

that would certainly impart a wisdom

so rare and so unique

unlike every other dream’s connotation

that would either be a nightmare

or a subconscious residual picture

that would coalesce the traces

in a re-gather and might bring out

the screening  of interwoven ideas

perhaps though it could fall illogical in an odd day,

yet it holds indeed a real connection

with reality’s path which tries to drag on

the subconscious traces

trying to capture your rare day’s expectations

or a downfall, perhaps could even

be a fervent yearn so closer or deeper inside.

the sight of the speaking tree,

they say is so rare and so unique

not often a person could end up with

such a tree’s spectacle and its radiating refulgence,

with such remarkable traits of wisdom,

knowledge, love and light ..  

the paths beside the tree

will lead one toward attaining

the foresaid  traits and even more

it exfoliates people with its prominent glow

and profound illuminance of  radiating love.

‘ o ye better men amongst people,

let thee know, what are you seeking is seeking you ..

come here and let you people dwell

inside the realms of higher contemplation

oh, so deep and serene someone could

perceive its contour and bounds,

oh, so indepth a yugen

as a wee hour moon

in a  dewdrop  of a leaf ..

so limpid a limn

you could hardly surmise ..

as a discrete droplet  of rain

in the vastness of an ocean ..

so limpid a yugen’s limn

you could hardly surmise ..

o ye better men amongst people,

let thee know, what are you seeking is seeking you ..

come here and dwell inside

the uno conscious for

what you seek shall seek you ..

for your uno prominence

in your higher awakening

that reflects your

inner awareness, enlightenment,

and your ultimate transcendence,

in reaching closer to the levitating nirvana ..

in the depth of an ocean’s muse .. ‘