i am all yours, oh my dear .. part ii

‘ oh my mighty adonis, i am all yours oh dear, come feel my scent of sensual youth’s exhilarating womanhood, the soothing redolent of mine which might have originated from the petals of the erotica land’s lovely blooms taking you high through to the odour of sexual heaven, turning you on seducing the insides of you like the congression of lord kama’s seductions would coagulate to streamline the tiny molecules in the continumm that posesses the hazy blend inducing the stoned sensations of the cute little scarletts blossomed from the erotica angels’ sex flora, inching your insides with the intertwining twists and turns of firing desires that has flamed out of its eerie prolonging fizz onto its sinful seductions.

images (15).jpg

oh dear, the perfume of mine might elevate you to the hypnotized states that would prevail inside the land of sexual inebriation’s apogee, right from your nasal conduit till its reach over to the brain’s sensing space making you feel my sincintilating womanhood’s blissful fragrance and the ardent love of my fountain youth’s salascious springs. the seducing scent of mine my dear, would pull you to my arena of love hypnosis, inducing your inner sex whirls wildly while profligating the continuum’s molecule sieze by the sex scent’s inherent miniature aural blaze that aint no visible to our pupil’s retinal sense, coalescing them to our rendevouz’s innate exuberance of incessant sex, romance and ecstatic love.

oh my man, the odour of my enthralling naked beauty might even aloft you to the sensations of the erotica land’s greek god erection, that would take us to the orgasms of the mighty sex gods, while we are in a cease less intercourse of days together witnessing every dawn’s raise, the dusk’s gloom, and the kissing moonlight’s radiance of deeper intimacies and passionate love.
oh my dear man, its the fragrance of love calling unto you, to revel inside of me to drink my wine of fountain youth, to dwell in my exotic intimacy and to derive pleasures through the exploring desires of the highness lord kama’s lassitude. its the scent you love, you adore and shell yourself with, its the holy fragrance of erotica sex angles’ enormous culmination that you yearn to adorn, the perfume of the love potion’s seducing concoction immersing us onto the perennial pleasures of lust, sex and everlasting love.

and oh the odour of love,
the scent of heaven,
the scent of my love,
is all around us in this sensual continuum we acquiesce,

let you smell its rejuvenating air of bliss, let you feel its exfoliating
sense of heaven’s drizzle ..

let you muse about
its deeper penetrating
invisible murky aura’s
love hypnosis
with your lady aegis,
let you trance and adorn
its serene sheath
of my love ..

let you hear its
erotica call
of lewd arousal,
to intertwine in this
rendezvous of
intimate aria,
to intercourse in
this tryst of sex,
to revel inside of me,
oh my dear ..


#anaphroditelovesong #iamallyoursohdear #theaphroditearousing


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