the song of magnolia ..


a unique huge pathway in that mammoth park,

with quite a number of people fluctuating by,

you could see lively young lovers strolling

with their hands clasped tight

just as their hearts in true love’s bind,

while the girlie leaning on her boy’s shoulder

feeling his warmth and brace,


a group of young dudes moving swiftly

around half a dozen yards behind these cute lovers,

they seem to imitate the kind of beatles’ fashion,

wherein wrapped in skinny denims and tee

and almost alike band of dudes with one in long hair

of a dirty rapper and an other in wayfarer,

one more in bleached head with a guitar in his back,

they seem to be quietly roving on in a milder muse

preoccupied in something, perhaps over

their intriguing session of lyrical annotations

from the likes of Dylan’s and Hendrix’s

to enhance their versing flow.


a couple of old gentlemen

walking adjacent to them in the other side,

in their joggers’ attire posing quite a prim

demeanour and a primp grooming,

stiffly moving ahead chatting about dogmatically

on locale politics may be, certainly seems like

trying to rationale their views

in quick strides along the lane,


few children running around and playing

inside the lane tossing the balls and pebbles,

while a little boy is curiously probing

the dark brown ridged bark in the lane’s side

as he tries to hug it and lean over it

perhaps with a sense of nonchalant empathy over its stand,

while another of them a lovely cute girl

in beautiful pink frock is looking

to pluck a flower as equally roseate in a juxtapose,

admiring the beauty of the morning bloom’s

petals and the stupendous colours of such

cherishing joy and flourishing bliss amongst

the nature’s awe inspiring magnolia.


the oaks and pines that stands tall inside this beautiful park ,

renders the serene radiance of solace and light,

the rays that would gleam folks with the soothing aura

for those in bitterness and harsh days

lacking the ambien’s quenching comfort

for the diverged you,

without the place’s quaint lull of divulging serenity

for the depressed you,


the slow rendition of the calming melancholy

that this vast gardenia tries to paint

inside the minds of the dwelling folks,

would certainly  lift you up

and console you with respite,

the seats of leisure inside rests them

with kindness and regroups them

lifting their spirits high,

exhilarating them with the poise of the pleasant gardenia,

the floral blooms and lush greens of the arena

instigate people with love and light,

converging them with angelic sheen,

invigorating joy and the bliss of magnolia.


the inspiring blossoms and colours of the scenic around

instills folks with lustre and inculcates them

with the luminance and persistence of a decades old art,

the indistinct medley of its sanguine beauty

and the nuances behind,

illuminating them with congruence

of ardour, amour and delight.

the trees all around reinstates them

with happiness and fervour,

reassures and inspires them with

the splendid song of its zeal,

the little bit of shade every last one of them render,

is quite a synonym of love.



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