rise up and soar!

Life might throw you down at times, you might get low and down,

with days getting tougher and obstinate,

 with times turning pathetic and hapless.

 Without a clue nor a hint you might wither around

hopelessly lacking the sense of congruence inside

beneath the times that are getting darker, devoid of light

and sinking you in black hues of wretchedness and pity,

making you sulk all alone in a deserted dread,

 diverging you from your mundane and throwing you away in wrecked weary

 and to the clutches of the wicked and crooked.

People might betray you and you may see your pals

 turning hypocrites in different hues which would make you feel

the nadir of pain and you might bleed

 amidst the claws of the evil slither and creeping in sinful serpent

whose clutches are so dark, fierce and flinching.

 You might fail miserably in your times

 but alas, never back down, regather and regroup yourself  

into your unique unprecedented convergence

alongside your innate potential and strength,

which is inherent and hidden,

 the strength of thousand tuskers that has to be unleashed,

which is in synonymous and sync with the brawn of your mind,

 in the right control and congruence.

It’s a long road ahead this life of ours,

 you have to march ahead and cruise along fearlessly,

you have to pull up your socks and run hard in this race

unstoppable as if you are running to athens like the Pheidippides,

fight hard in this battle, to beat the heat,

 as if you are fighting in the ring like mohammed ali

with the attitude that’s worth millions – never give up.

Never ever give up in this cruise under sky,

never dare to give up no matter how worse the scenario be,

 like the foresaid plights, but never give up.

Stand tall like the hills, that doesn’t allow any gates for iniquities

 and with the  stern priceless virtues of endurance, perseverance and valor,

 pushing away your hurdles and hassles that comes your way laterally,

while reaching your goal rather the uno objective,

in fighting hard in this phase of the phantom against all odds.

You have to endure testing times and tough days with patience and focus,

 alongside the right convergence of perseverance and keen acumen,

while honing yourself adroit in extending your inherent elements

of divulging your knack and traits so as to keep yourself focused

 in this peregrination of attaining your uno goal.

You have to arise and awake

and stop not in your focus and concentration,

in heaving away your blockades and tough times,

while enduring hardships and onus,

And in reaching your uno goal.

Rise up like the phoenix against the wind and fire,

So eloquent a flight that takes you higher,

Rise up and roar against the tide and odds,

like a majestic lion so hard and stern

that pulls you out of the mire.

Just rise up and soar, rise up and soar!

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