the serpent’s creep – part i ..

Evil’s ways are crude and crooked,

it is sinister, its clutches are nt gona be easy

to free yourself away from its tentacles,

its dark and dreadful, it doesnt allow you

to float rather hover within your own territory,

it actually throws you out somewhere else,

so absurd, filthy and uncouth,

makinng you feel the black pangs and the serpent’s creep.

Hallows of black darkness, as they call it,

the pitch black darkness of hallows and pathos,

devoid of light and deprived of its radiant spread.

Its out there in the vast open under sky,

the elixir to drive out this madness.

It is not going to be too far,

its not going to take too long,

it is around trying to reach us

arriving toward us,

as the white incessant light

that is totally meant for us that would ignite

the flames of redemption inside this serpent’s creep

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