life, love and light ..

I am hovering around such a huge mass of celestial sphere that encompasses several celestial bodies glowing with a gleam of intense sheen and various miniature stars of incredible patina. I could see the cynosure burning so bright in the centre of the sphere that is covered by the translucent outer layer with a thin lumen sheath of high gloss. The sphere also encircles many celestial particles rather dots that is shining so bright. The brightly gleaming cynosure glows with a sacred fire from within as the flames that are trying to embark on a new journey into a whole new world of life, love and light.

” come to me ” says the cynosure in a mild yet in a unique clearer voice. ” for i am your life the fiŕe within, that glows for eternity and i will dwell under the sky along with you foŕever and ever “, the voice continues.

” come to me, for i am within you and you are within me and we are meant to be the twine flames of eternity. I am your love, oh you man. So come to me for i am your ageis and you are my adonis. And all the more you are my light. So come to me for we can live together forever and ever under the ever glowing light of love “.

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