the seamless infinity ..

What if there exists a reality parallel to the prevailing existential continuum ..

Could you believe such a context, a notion that you would hardly rely on ..

the truth could be far from this notion’s ideology or might even utterly be a contextualy real idea that would make this matter of fact fall not close to lie at all ..

Though certain different minds may argue that the idea would lie neither close to lie nor too far from it, while trying to figure the elements to take in such a notion as really a fact and to prove its prevalence ..

Cosmonauts have assumed there really exists more than one galaxy and the galactic space seems to strech seamlessly like infinity ..

Some merely percieve it as a baseless mind space thing, and what if this mind space perception might prevail inside the heads of people existing parallely about our very realism .. quite intriguing aint it ..

So what if there exists a parallel realism so real and so true to our existential continuum ..

you never know, not with a solid idea on whether or not the parallel galaxy exists, yet such notions prevail among scientists and others dealing with space, cosmos and beyond ..

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