melancholy of a mystique medley dream ..

image (2).png
Its while in the early dawn amidst the dense fog
in the coldest of the mystical circumstantial continuum,
where in you feel no inertia around,
when you feel yourself just like another strand,
as in midst of other myriad similar undulating fibres
of beautiful feminine floweral springs,
to tune the melancholy of the medley dream
that takes its stance inside your dramatically zephyred
inner darker shades of oozing drizzles,
that might have taken its inspirational origin
out of the imaginative fictitious fibral fragmentation
inside the mind’s discreet veiled vision
of high passion and kissing, over with a sense of tranquil mysticism
immersed inside the delusional ides of the translucent
perceptive focus right into the solo eternal entity
of the myriad feminine strand field,
of that absolutely cold and fluidly smoked up
gravity defying space of the deeper sight’s intuitive musing.
The feminine strand field’s swaying and swinging reclusive dreamers,
who miss their love continuum when demigrating
out of their mystical land in the existential realism,
which the mystique lords of the femina strand field’s inebriative exalting,
view just as a mere space that lacks the source of the firing eternal love
and a meaning less continuum for these reclusive stranders
inside in here of their alternative contemplative delusional mystique land
and just that the primal originative space of realism for these men
exists just due to lack of their higher elevating secretions
and escalating substabces of inebriative shades.
The Mystique Lords of the femina strand fields induce
the strands to kiss their dreams,
brewing it right inside their mind’s existential spots,
who feel that these highly floated fibril fragments
of their internally originating elements of brew cloud clogging
into their strand space’s surrounding foggie fluids of solacing accumulations.
Filling up of these solace accumulative space
rather the volume of reclusive strand’s dream fill brews,
entails the Mystique Lords’ touch on a individualistic look over, by their mind fibril
elements compositive aspects
of emotional slots that makes them to perceive
the strand femme fatale’s inner consisting fibres,
through which the Lords fill up the solace space’s foggie fluid
to make the strands float inside the consoling heart’s liquid,
to feel the eternally existing Love,
for lifting up the strand in their low insides
to contemplate them with the exalted serenic atmosphere
of mysticism and to thoroughly immerse them
into ever flowing instantaneously fountained heart liquid’s
intimacy, love, passion and to kiss up their yearn
with the mystique land’s spell to excite
and tranquil their minds to the immortal contemplation
of their soul’s unaching phenomena ..

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