on est dessus garde .. part ii


The keepers of the flame or the gaurdians of the mighty battalion,

have never eaten anything they say,

nor those mysterious guards have closed their eyes to sleep

the myth holds, oh believe me they say it in the myth.

They dwell as half human and half angel,

the angels of the arch who are so destructive and determined,

all eyes on their guard, so watchful

and so dreadful they are,

with a holy mystique demi god’s might and such strange fierce power,

so unique of this arch guard battalion,

they guard on, they guard on.

Weapons of blades and swords they cut their enemies with,

the spears and the arrows they peirce their evil with,

oh, blink of an eye thats all it takes,

he gets in tearing the wind, he slays,

oh, blink of an eye thats all it takes,

he vanishes leaving the foe in gore.

Oh thee, none can save you,

at his sight if you re his foe.

Oh thee, dont turn to his side,

for nothing can save you from his fury

and wrath if you re evil.


The secret of the crux is unknown,

none knows about its mystery,

for thousands guard its hidden secrets and seal their holy intricacies,

for ten thousands protect and safeguard its arena

and the most profound core, and its underlying myth, the immortal saga.

For centuries they are in guard the thousand holy angels

and myriad warriors, protecting and bounding their core in shield,

oh beware thou enemies,

for sans breathe the guard could live,

oh beware thou enemies,

you ll never know when or how the guard will take you on,

a blink thats all it takes,

a fraction’s blink,

for sans even a form the guard dwells and exists,

through the wind’s black hallows they fly and hide.

with untiring keeness and unpenetrable armour they guard on,

immersed in the black aura of the angelic pond’s dip

they guard on amidst those gleams and glades of the enigmatic core,

they guard on, guard on.

‘We fight for the core, we protect and safeguard it… ‘, shouts the leader,

‘ we the parade of thousand angels andd myriad guards,

we the loyal guardians,

we the core battalion,

on est dessus garde.

on est dessus garde.’


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