on est dessus garde .. part i


the crux behind the core is seriously unknown.

None knows about its legend and its sacred peak, no not anyone.

The obscurity on its composition is quite apparent

owing to its archaic secrecy and age long legacy,

and they are alongside this arena for ages,

holding intact its primordial hidden myth

and standing as true keepers of its flame.

They are up behind in guarding it from the apparition, evil and the bad,

that are crudely diverging the arena from its angelic coalescence,

its ethereal goodness.

Thousands of angels, myriad guards are there around

the core’s enormity holding along its irradiance,

burning along in its glow,

dancing through its denser rays and shimmering glades.

They stay around

they stay around all through,

shielding the arena with such indomitable spirit

and unconquerable might, such valor and the vigor

holding along with their inner light,

so fierce and so destined they are,

so mighty and so ardent they seem.


None have seen them sleep no not one,

none have seen them eat no not anyone,

none have seen them cease their guard not anyone,

no not even for seconds,

ceaselessly they guard around

they guard around all through,

untiring spirits and unconquerable might

maketh their fortress,

such warriors of fearless eyes and obdurate stance

maketh their battalion.

You could see mammoth lions that are so ferocious,

you could see tuskers with such rigor,

two headed hounds of such big grey eyes,

you could see white horses of incredible strength

that you might not have seen elsewhere so unique of the battalion.

Their elegant armors are up in their arms shielding them from enemy aim,

their firing blades are waiting to behead the enemy at front,

‘kill, kill.. kill em all’ is the slogan, ‘for any evil at sight.. ‘.


‘We the warriors of the core, standing here to protect

and safegaurd the arena, with all thy might

and all thy power, we stay around

we stay around days and nights,

we stay around all through ceaselessly.

Let our armours shield us from our enemies,

we re not gona allow anyone to cross your shield, no not one,

let our swords behead our enemies at sight,

we re not gona let any evil to evade our blades, no not one.

Lets slaughter every last one of them.

we the keepers of the flame are standing here to protect

and safegaurd the arena with all thy might and all thy power,

we stay around we stay around days and nights,

we stay around all through, ceaselessly,

we the parade of thousand angels and myriad gaurds,

we the loyal gaurdians of the core,

we the core battalion.

on est dessus garde,

on est dessus garde.’

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