eternal flames of burning love ..


could sense such brightness of the eternal light,

so holy and serene they glow in undying passion,

the white of heaven should say.

Never have I seen a light so bright and so white,

burning like the heaven’s fire of love,

the eternal flames of burning love.


Never have i seen such refulgent flames,

burning like the mammoth twinning strings of fire

intertwined in ardent passion and fervent amour,

so flawless and so pure,

the eternal flames of the burning love.


Perhaps should conceive it as a notion

to portray the intercourse the love

between the souls made for each other

through the conspiring universe’s divine wish,

that tends to bring the mates together

wherever they are under sky.

Might even perceive it as a higher phenomenon

of the cosmic mythology

that symbolizes the prolonging conscious state

of togetherness between the souls

so as to attain the sort of a state

that strives to blend the mates united

and inseparable forever under sky.


Like the feathers of fire,

the eternal flames of burning love are sensually glowing,

twisted and twinning with each other,

with such profound enlightenment,

elucidating the forever consciousness

of the souls blended in higher desires.

Together the flames arise from the single ovoid

shinning in the light of eternal amour,

glowing in the inherent intricacies

of the universe’s soul,

embodying the spirit of eternal flames

that tends to instill the intimate nexus,

the love symbol of divine wish,

the significant picture of the higher desires.


Never have i seen such flames of ethereal fulgere,

such immortal flames of the holy love

that might have taken its origin

from Greek gods and goddesses,

or could be the from the highness Aphrodite

or perhaps could even be from the very universe’s soul,

the eternal flames of burning love.


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