everything that ain’t no dark ..


The lovely gleams of heavenly light are in a shimmering glaze,

that seems to dwelve inside this space

like the golden glades of the rapenzel’s fortress window.

Through the gap between the thin drapes

of seducing patina they sneak in,

so prevailing and so brimming,

they gleam the place with

plethora of love behind its effulgence.

Like a celestial rivulet they shimmer inside,

blending in with the relishing streams

of unlikely irradiance that accumulates the surrounding

with everything that ain’t no dark.

The scintillating streams of the celestial rivulet

paints the colors of glades and love

so vivid and so prolonging.

The light is love and love is light

says everything that ain’t no dark.


The celestial rivulet seems to paradigm a love stream,

the path of impeccable streams

of passion tracing its art of dwelling

in ardent fervor and innate lustre

that bounds its refulgent crux

and the subtle nuances behind.

The streaming rays that seems to

restoreth the continuum’s aural debliss,

plunging inside with blooms,

brightness and everything that ain’t no dark.

Its ambient songs of arduous fervor

bringsforth the sensual effervescence

amidst the stream’s daze of tiny photons

and starry specks of love and lustre

that seems to river its glades

of such unlikely fulgere

holding onto its niche of sheen,

alongside its streams of myriad

miniature crescents that seems

to radiate the light of love

so unparalleled and so true.

The space possesses such strange

tenacity within that could unknot, lift

and resuscitate the beholder no matter

the darkness or its intensity,

though it seems quite obscure

to the beholder while tracing back

to its initial source or its origin.
The light is love and love is light

says everything that ain’t no dark.


prasad h

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