a surreal night’s sextain ..



such a flawless skin so fair and white,

her long dishevelled hair undulating

in the zephyr around,

raising the mood and the desires

of the loner moon’s midnight,

such beautiful curves of the femme fatale

call’s aphrodite arousing,

while you kiss and caress

those lovely breasts that oozes out the milk

of the feminine floral springs

seducing you to the sensual 

embrace of soothing warmth,  

the feminine sensual intimacy

behind the erotica angels’ coalesced ritual

amongst those seducing incandescent magnolia,

the sacrament’s glowing  fervour inducing the amour,

alongside those iridescent flora

that would perhaps even arouse folks

to gleaming blithe of the lewdland’s forgotten erotica,

the wee hours’ sensual apparition is so queer

glooming the space around like that murky haze

of the morning fog immersing the loner moon

in a marvellous rivulet,

converging the lucency of love

that is glazing in her moonlight serenade,

unravelling the song of seduction

with interludes of deeply intimate aria,

the lyric of lust, the sextain and the mood behind

the lambent moonlight dip,

hovering around in her intimacy’s lustre,

the slit of his blade as the dipping blood

kissing the moon satiating her darker secrets beneath,

the slithering red lanes of splatter

sliding down her maroon orgy,

underneath the blood kissed moon so white,

so wild is her surreal night’s crimson fulgere

soaked in his blade’s lucency,

as the spirit of casanova glades by the loner moon’s aria.

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