walking endless ..


Seems a lady lost in love,
amidst her sad floating thoughts
on love and longing, with aching feelings
from the insides of her heart,
looking for the way that seems so unclear
with the road that she has to travel
on lying in a pretty much out of bounds vicinity, walking over a clueless track,
a aimless wander into the vast desert
of forsaken love with no spot of tenderness,
with a sad and dull mind and loads of pain
burdened over a broken heart thats been trying
to hold over her beautifully framed up blissful love engraved from her times
while she had been framing up her fairy tale romance, dreaming about her merry love
for the eternal ever after,
seems all those dreams of ardent passion
and beautiful days of love
woven from the inner core of her heart
have been shattered even before
she tried to convey her love,
perhaps the stint here could be
she would’nt have been in a slightest of an idea
about her lover’s girlfriend, until a while ago.

Fate some times plays a cruel game
of unangelic tricks trying to collapse the plot
and shattering the dreams of a person
totally to a solo aimless wander
of woeing pathos getting its tune
from the mind’s distinct little space
oozing out from a pretty lower voice of aches
and its deeply sad lyrics
of a ode over a love
over a heartfelt longing
over a dreams of years,
trying to reminisce the frames of the times,
when she was actually painting all those dreams inside her head with flying colors,
while she had been building over her fortress of love and joy on the man of her dreams,
and while she’d been sculpting her days of future
with her man’s embrace from the clay of her heart.

Seems the wrecked-she is in search
of a solace least to a little bit,
in that vast wilderness of desert so void and dark,
so hot and burning,
just like the brutal fate that stashed away
all her dreams passion and love,
playing the evil hand anti-scripting her fairytale
to a endless story,
stealing away her man,
destructing her beautifully dreamed up fortress
of heaven, and stashing out her destiny itself. Perhaps, the lady in red,
walking over the waves of heat with stolid face
and devastated head,
and over her inside emptiness
of desert sand’s burns,
sadly seems to be living soulless … seems to be breathing lifeless … seems to be walking endless …




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