the magical lambent light of virgin moon ..


its a starry night with the lovely white gleam  

and such beautiful glades of the white lucency

that is dipping the night in a scintillating mood

of lute and romance.

the ride over the country side  highway

while playing the sinatra’s jazz

as it goes like ‘ fly me to the moon,

let me play among the stars … ‘,

swings up the mates to a ethereal very moon glide.


a lovely girl of eighteen with long curly hairs

looking petite and pale,

is all excited  and brimming perhaps

in their  first date.

with a sexy exposing black top

and a short skirt, revealing her skin’s lustre,

that would turn her mate on and wild,

she has removed her jacket off,

trying to imitate her cozy neighbour

drawn by her ways and attitude.

driving his dad’s car, the cool dude

is so sturdy and macho in a sleeve less tee and shorts,

as if like a pro in stalking.

her charm and his charisma,

alluring to each other just as their mood,

magic and the moonlight.

they are riding along on a  weekend getaway,

in this long straight highway

amidst the prevailing magic, music  

and the moonlit refulgence.


the almost desolated road with none else

in the drive along this stretch taking them

beside en route  a lovely song of lavender, 

raising the scent around the glistening air

of countless silver scintillas,

that oozes out the fulgere of such enthralling romance,

that gushes out the music and song

behind the scene’s glitz and glam.

the gleaming moonlight through the window

glistens her face with the white

and sheen of the moon river,

that streaming down rays descending

into their space in subtle lambency

and in sensual flow of lustre and love,

gliding them up onto a milder arousal flight

to the lusty moon river of scintillas and sparkles

and they shine in diamond sheen each and every one of them,

those miniature lozenges of the moon fragment,

those tiny crescents of scintillating chemistry,

and the minuscule starry specks

of love libidos, the glitzy daze,

of such sizzling romance

and the hayday gay of young inside’s merriment

over their first date make out,

as they smooch and cuddle lovingly

under the shinning silverlight glittering

in enchanted blithe mirrored by those refulgent eyes,

as they intertwine fondly revelling in the moonlight kiss,

while the gutsy lad with his kissing babe says ,

’ love you to the moon and back… ‘,

under the magical lambent light

of the virgin moon’s celestial beauty.


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