the light of love ..

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white represents the purest of colors,

the paint of holistic purity that blends

the archaic frame of light and haven,

that realizes the accord in the canvas

of wholesome effulgence,

the primeval source of vastness, dwelling

and the plethora around,

the nature’s affluence of flora and fauna,

the vast spread of land and waters

that brings forth man’s needs and wants,

that satiates his necessities, welfare and well being under the sky.

the white luminance of light, its lumens of energy in the continuum,

immerses us in day moving us out of darkness,

differentiating the night from day,

the darkness from light,

the black from white.


The colour radiates us with cognizance of deeper contemplations,

being an elemental spot of mind’s concentration and prolonged focus,

like the multitude patterns in the cloud of white

and its implicit  divulging interpretations,

the correlated radiation substantially

evokes the higher seat of wisdom, the care of mother nature,

 and the pristine holy love.

It symbolizes the clarity of vision and perception

in conceiving an idea or a notion

to a resolute accord and a reaffirming accede,

to a unstained congruent opine

of flawless flow and oration.


The ruthless prowling streaks of hatred, wrath and anger,

trying to disrupt the sturdy bounds of love, amity and accord,

with the creeping in madness of evil and rage,

frightens masses and destructing welfare,

in the midst of  chaos, insecurity  and the air of unease,

dislodging harmony and concord in the nations.

Attacks of terror and nuclear weapons of  mass destruction,

people losing faith and screaming wretched,

bombing and hijacking,

folks losing hope and crying in agony,

nations under war sans accord,

sans love and peace,

amidst tension and tremors,

amidst hatred and enmity,

with violence everywhere and people looking to destruct

and stain themselves in havoc and hurt.

The pastels of agitating strides inside

and the devastating scenes of bloodshed and gore,

crime and aversions,

blacks the society today in hurt and disdain,

disheartening masses in pain and wane,

deeply questioning their morale and integrity.


Folks among us young and valorous,

the bold people of immense potential and vitalising traits,

the world’s light,

 should stride inside to exterminate society’s illness and malady,

should plunge inside to eradicate threats and other malaises,

that creeps us low in savage and derangement,

have to reinstate accord and reinforce stability,

subsiding tension across border lines

and to regroup people in peace harmony and love.

folks among us young, brimming and daring,

the people of high morale and with ardent lustre,  

the world’s light,

should reform the nation,

rebuild it and converge the radiance

of peace and the light of love.


The shade of the white and light in the artistry,

penetrates deep inside the minds glowing one’s vital virtues,

inspiring a persona to arise and fly

with the white feathers of phenomenal glide,

fervent ardour and reviving amour.

It diverges holy from the unholy and its ugly incarcerations,

the angles from evil,

and the good from bad.

It converges the spirit of liberation

with the essence of love, peace and free will.

 It glistens one’s inner self,

his inherent beauty,

his innate glow,

resuscitating life and armour,

it enlightens a persona  

with blooms of white and leaves of olive,

amongst which the lovely dove

carried one back to the holy ark

ages back in another era.


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