i am all yours, oh my dear .. part iv

you kiss and caress my lovely breasts affectionately feeling its warmth and revelling in its delicate womanhood of the aphrodite’s beauty. You fondly kiss my firm and supple breasts of the feminine beauty’s eloquent curves, you lick and suck my nipples, you linger around my areola as my nipples gets mildly aroused to its firmness, you plant your lips over my cleavage and kiss it around and toward my neck sensually, as we revel in sexual joy of the lewdland angels’ overture pleasures,  you suck my nipples gently  that is oozing out the lactating white milk of nourishing love and flourishing sweetness, while you drink it enjoying our mating feed, pleasuring me to the ecstasy of lewdland sex whirls as you quench you thirst of sex and womanhood’s scintillating intimacy, as we are sensually engaged in passionate love of sex’s overture and intimately engrossed  in its exquisite sexual carousing.




You innately muse over

my  beautiful womanhood

curves kissing and caressing it,

feeling the sensual indulgence’s

aura flaming our passions

so endearing and so closer,


while bringing alive

the play of overture

migrating it from the

lewdland aphrodite and

greek god intercourse,

so fervently with glowing

amour of the lovestruck cupids,

so passionately with the scintillating

womanhood’s adorning embrace,


so intimately amidst

the lady aegis embossed

by her heavenly curves

and the mighty adonis’

armour of zeal,

as in the lewdland

flux of sex creating around

a sheath of lovely intimate aria

embracing them by the chill breeze’s

orchestrated sonnet of bliss,

dwelling inside the intertwined bonding

of pure love and sizzling romance.


I am all yours oh my dear, inside this magnificent rotunda, our tryst of love, our rendezvous of sex,

You kiss my lips so lovingly over the slow sliding waters on my face, while you glide your hands around my seducing back’s lustre and pushing in my vagina toward your manhood feeling my  butt as you mildly try to press and squeeze it.


we continue kissing and

holding each other so close and so sensually,

wetting ourselves in those

milder lucid streams of the sex rivulet,

that is seducing us so intimately

glistening us with

the aphrodite’s arousing,


making us feel the wilder seducing

current of the fire and ice

in a delusional paradigm

yet certainly felt in real,

divulging us to the resplendent

freezing ablaze,

the flames of the twine,

the fire of love,

instilling us the sex whirls of the

early virgin erotica angels and

exfoliating us with the desires of

the aphrodite’s sex cantata,


streaming us the lewdland lovers’

ravishing slender showers of

the heaven’s rain and

their serene drizzle of the lascivious springs,

taking us along toward the

salascious flames of the freezing sex streams’

eloquent indulgence,


exulting the two of us to pleasures

of scintillating cupid streams,

as we stand intertwined as uno

alongside the deeply felt inner

desires of lust and love,

showering the rain of heaven and

pouring the serene drizzle of love

augmented by the filling of sexual unction

shimmering our inner longing and lustre,

while migrating us to

a tryst of a libidinous muse.


as we get down lustfully

into the tub of sex fluids

that possesses the diluted love potion’s

aura of sinful seductions,

inducing us the wilder erotica pleasures

of cupid streams and sex angels

of the lady waters, culminated together

immersing our insides with

the aphrodite arousal so unique

of this tub fluids and

the reclining lovers’ graceful play,

so soothingly arousing us to the

lewdland lady nile’s colossal

spread of love, care,

warmth and passionate intimacies.


we immerse ourselves in this tub

of sex lactations so pure and

so  white possessing the seductor

potion of the cupid’s sex secretions,

wherein it is floating

the myriad sex scintillas

of mirth and glow.


We are soaked in the tub of love,

immersed in its embrace of warm

seductions we revel in

its lascivious lactations.

i turn toward your face sliding my hands

through your hairs as i kiss your lips

intimately and seduce you

with sex lavender intricacies and

the glow of the erotica angels.

I sensually kiss, lick and caress your cheeks,

neck and the adonis’ mighty arms

while you lovingly engage in

our soothing pleasures of lewd and love

with your lady aegis.


We continue our tryst in this

tub of cupid streams,

feeling the dip of a quenching hay,

we are immersed in a libidinous muse,

we are deeply engaged in

a lovely sensual indulgence,

transcending ourselves to a incessant

flow of the intimate aria,

radiating the mating flames around us

to a sexual illuminance of lust and light,

to a sensual fire of gleam and glow,

to the existing aura’s quintessential love

and pure romantic bliss.




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