aching love of a romantic ..


a heart broken lover lad’s poetical capture

of his mind frame perhaps,

his blur vision of

abstrusive path that lay ahead of him,

after that long wretched and

weary ride on his horse down

the tracks of his flashing past over

his lady’s first sight as he

steered beside those majestic mountains

of the love gods,


his unerasable moments of

ardent amour and fervent ardour

shared with her,

that first lock over lips

as he veered on dark green woods

of hidden yearnings looking

for the fountain of youth’s intimacy,

that burning warmth of scintillating

passion’s first spread

they dwelved into on that

late wee hours of the

night before sunrise,


as he cruised over the bridge

right on that elegant waters

of clear cupid streams,

the indelible letters of love

they shared on their ravens

that pictured their pain

poetically inking up their

minds of glooming sadness

on the days of isolation,

while he had been moving along

the exquisite flowers greens and

colours of their woven dreams

over their fabric of youth’s lustre,


and riding on into the deep woods

over the gruelling routes of sands

stones and thorns tearing the winds

chasing the storms

embracing the sanddust

with his beard face and

a wartime evening attire

with a bearing mind of his

lady’s refutative disappearance,

turning down enervated,


looking out for the eluding mirage

thats evidently deceptive

eluding his eyes all the while

and searching over his ecstatic rainbow

that debloomed out of her woman

suddenly in the present midway of his plot

trying to deceive his senses,

with that present emptiness’ raw feel

of sour inching up his throat’s

acid slit ache rooted directly from

his lady’s ameobatic turn

she slipped over him

forgetting the days of their

ever relishable romance,

the words of promise and depth lettered through,

and the lasting holy love they shared for.


with that prevailing voidic

inside’s lack of heart

he kneels down on the riverside,

after his soul tiring cruise of

days together with engraved sadness inside,

drenched down in deep aches

of his lady’s inconsolable refutation and denial

and craving in vain for that

last bit of a quantum solace to the least,

cant standing the persent stature of time…


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