the persistent latent light ..




Seems a photographer’s artistic capture of the ambien in an unusual oblique angle through the waters’ reflection. Perhaps he might have tried to portray the sort of plight prevailing in a milder grey tone over the waters and the kind of cracks and crevices with the roughened texture might even be a tone to the beholder’s mood wherein he tries to picture the surrounding’s scenario in a vague frame of reflection projecting us the plight around through the eerie windows, glasses and the inverted building texturing the story behind its decades of stand though time, witnessing its acquaintances, people who have inhabited the space for years under its shelter dwelling in its shade, while looking past their days of growth, progress, days of happiness, times of grief, moments of love, lustre and life. It has been seeing people grow, develop, their of days of drive forward through time, even might screen in slow frames of the resident’s passage over the ticking clock in a way to reminisce their lives while throwing a light on the glimpse and gist of this invertedly posing structure’s traverse all along.

It’s the light’s incidence upon the surface of the rain waters, reflecting us the building’s pose in the layer of the waters in those pits over the older roughened layer of ground’s darker side and earthiness lacking its appropriate demeanour, captures this piece of artistic poster through the shutters and aperture of the lens taking in the packets of photons and the patterns of lumen via the beholder eyes’ entailed substance rather by his artistic sense of gathering his thoughts, subtle ideas behind and the way he want to articulate the frame’s portraiture.


Its all about capturing

the lumens of energy

into your gadget,

converging them into

your prominent lens

of the naked eye’s



while taking it

coherently inside for

a certain aperture

of the pupil,

necessitated over the

shot for its iris’

iridescent outlay,


consequently gathering

the incident patterns

of lumen for

a certain amount of

exposure before

the shutter closes

assuming the intensity

of incident rays to

a germane candela,


depicting onto a

engraved art form

of a stolidly carved

scripture ode’s substance

extricating to the black

and white poster’s

milder surreal glade,


leading to portray its

delinquent tinge behind

in a darker shade’s aberrancy,

while exhuming fluent

tones of striking grey hues

engrossed from the scene’s

inherent plight, or

the inlaid texture

of quite a loss and

the persisting latent light.


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