stoned times of lone fallacy ..

The roads are calm and quite desolated with almost none around in the surrounding. its a rainy night though  not much of a pour, seemingly after the showers have subsided, with none other than this lonely girl walking all alone in the wee hours of the night. Seems like she is tired and feeble out of the recent breakup perhaps, making her feel low and dull taking in the scene’s pathos behind, the sorta heavy road she is moving about in blues. Its the kind of a night that you are feeling all messy  in pain and pangs of love, that you would actually  relate to the sort of avril lavign crooning yeehs and yaahs in the sense of missing that someone, in the insecure feels of losing him and the circumstance that is so mean leading her to a road of bizarre with all the vague questions in their relationship’s current stature.

Her sober head and
the slumber mood
in some aching
dilemma makes her
feel all dizzy,

as if its spinning
and spinning,
round and round,
in slow sluggish
whirls of void,

spinning around again
sulking inside in
some stoned times
of lone fallacy,
as if the lyric is
lacking its music,
an opera sans its

and an orchestra
sans its strings,
trying to stumble
her in a bizarre
road of
aimless wander,
in a byzantine
route of
vague hassles,
in a vertigo of
loveless labyrinth.



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