i am all yours, oh my dear !!

she is lying here in front me so beautiful and her naked flawless body so gleamingly glowing out of the shimmring pearl yellow light, thats lit low to set the darker space mood in the arousing milder hues upon the place that we are about to tryst on embarking a erotic peregrination over the sensual world far off, to gloom up the the present continuum as if its holding on a potioned blend of the sexual greek god’s aura that would induce even a layman to the sublime seductions of the aphrodite’s arousing.


i am just standing in here all lost in her exquisite pulchritude, utterly fallen by her femme fatale nudity. so charming is she urging me onto a inebriated poetical muse to croon on a lovely woo of the sexual greek god’s romantic ballad, and so wilder is her womanhood curves that would seduce me on to the higher pleasures of erotica angels’ sex haven.

she is in front of me all naked as the greek goddess’ erotic light illuminating the space around that tends to ignite every last speck of lumen in the radiance to a seductress fire of lascivious desires, that seems to migrate alive the iridescent portraits of the greek god’s painted love scenes’ regal intimacy, and even that divine light perhaps could be possessing the eternal blaze of the glorious holy twine flame, which indeed is the root of the erotica fire’s enigmatic beatitude toward the higher desires of lewd and love.

oh there, she is all nude lying there in front of me, as if she sings

‘ i am all yours now, for you to awe, for you to revel about in your sexy reverie, for you to lyric on my beauty and womanhood, for you to paint my glow in a stupendous naked portrait, for you to muse about my arousing features, to read over my body’s eloquent curves, the elixir breasts, the undulating dark long hairs, the arousing back of lustre slide, getting down to my heavenly groove inviting your manhood to intimate together and the every last inch of this elegant sculpt of sex godess, to the everything upon me as me.

i am all in here lying naked in front of you, oh dear, so you would come over and revel inside of me so that you would intertwine with my body glowing in the blaze of the holy twine flame with all relishing pleasures of the erotica sex angels, so that we would dwell as one, as us, reviving every expression of the sexual greek god’s intricate postures and forms that relams the aphrodite parchment depicting pictoral intimacies, to deeply contemplate our orgasms triggered by the exalted greek gods and godesses of the myriad erotica angels culminated together, elevating ourselves over the immortal sexual trance of love, lust and romance.

i am all yours here, oh my dear man, so come and revel inside of me ‘


#anaphroditelovesong #iamallyoursohdear #theaphroditearousing



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